Stephanie Buno | UX & UI Designer
A UX & UI designer based in Seattle, WA.

Graphic Design

A collection of miscellaneous design work varying from logos to illustrations



I enjoy helping smaller business build their brand and get them started by providing their own personalized logos. I’ve designed various kinds of logos and the ones that I enjoy the most are ones that combine my own personal passions and design.


Unthinkable Solutions

This was a commission for a co-worker at ReelSonar, Inc. The client is an engineer consultant and wanted to unify his brand Unthinkable Solutions to better advertise it to other clients.

The design was based off the circuit boards commonly seen in the clients field of work in electrical engineering. Originally the logo was in blue to match their website, but the client requested that it was changed to orange to match their original business cards.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator


Luminous Chameleons

Outside of design, I also have a passion for reptiles. I worked with a small scale chameleon breeder, Luminous Chameleons on their first logo.

The client wanted their 2 mascot chameleons in the logo with a high amount of detail and color. I worked with them actively to customize each chameleon to match its live counterpart (down to the spine scales!) They also wanted the logo to fit as an Instagram profile photo - where most of their business is conducted, and a text logo for advertisement purposes.

Tools: Pen/Pencil, iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop


CREEPY Podcast

I have a soft spot for the horror genre. My favorite podcast, CREEPY, was hosting a small contest for a new logo. The requirements were that the logo communicated that it was a horror themed podcast, but also be clear enough to be legible at a small size.

At the time, the websites branding heavily focused on black and white with grey gradients. I focused on that but kept it clean and simple to be adaptable for apparel design as well.

I unfortunately did not place 1st, but I had great feedback and overall a beneficial experience.

Tools: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Adobe Illustrator



This is where my passion for design started - illustration. My work now is heavily influenced by shapes and patterns I’ve seen in nature. Here is a small collection of my latest illustrations.


Pacific Northwest Wildlife Stickers

I currently live in the Pacific Northwest and fell in love with its wildlife and aesthetic. These stickers are found on my art instagram @coelacanthi .

The stickers each have a purpose of educating its viewers on native PNW wildlife and their protection status - shown in their instagram connections.

I created each sticker based off of real life photos of each animal: Grey Wolf, Grizzly Bear, and Roosevelt Elk.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator


Inks and Markers

These are a few of my illustrations used for Inktober 2018. Each was based off of a list of word prompts provided by Jake Parker.

1) “star” (Capricorn - goat’s head)
2) “chicken”
3) “tranquil” (goldfish)
4) “spell” (witchcraft - wiccan herbs)
5) “roasted” (corn)

Tools: Sakura micron ink pens, Copic markers,