Stephanie Buno | UX & UI Designer
A UX & UI designer based in Seattle, WA.


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

Live from the stage/my workspace


My path to UX design was anything but streamlined.

It started with a Bachelor’s in Biopsychology and Neuroscience. I’ve always been interested in human behavior. How do we perceive the world? And why??

In addition to my academic endeavors, I pursued a hobby in illustration and web comics. I even taught myself Adobe Creative Suite in my downtime.

Moving out to Seattle, WA I picked up a couple of odd jobs… varying from dental assisting to the meat industry!

But one thing stayed the same: my passion for learning and people.

So when I learned about UX design, I thought “This is too good to be true! A career that combines my love of human behavior AND design? Sign me up!”

That was 4 years ago. And I have not looked back since.




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